Image courtesy of Ariane Pelissoni.

Weekly Roundup

Power tips, The Willoughbys, and more

Last modification: 20 Oct, 2020

Welcome to another week in the world of 3D!


Rita Shap has us soaring into it with this very beak-oming render of this snazzy bird.


rita shap


Who doesn’t want to kick off the week with some words of wisdom from LAIKA? By enhancing their use of Shotgun through both custom tools and new technology, this award-winning studio has built a workflow that advances both the quality of their schedules and the time it takes to create them. Hear about it first-hand in this Vision Series talk.


Jamie Cardoso shares a tutorial for 3ds Max along with a handy script, SubSpline, which is for – you guessed it – splines, and allows users to create an array of different selections, material IDs, and ID Patterns with great ease.


In case you’ve ever wondered what the Pringles man looked like IRL, here it is. We’re feeling a mix of impressed and terrified over yet another brilliant render by Gal Yosef.


gal yosef


Transitioning to a remote animation studio and whipping up a traditional family film with a dark twist ain’t so easy – but the folks at BRON Animation pulled it off in their Netflix film, The Willoughbys.


How can we leverage virtual production as much of the film industry has pivoted to work from home? What are the opportunities for women starting their careers? Women working in animation sound off in this Vision Series presentation.


Harvey Newman drops episode 3 of Animation Power Tips, featuring the graph editor.



Eloi Andaluz Fullà gives us a lil’ tutorial on how to convert images to 3D objects in 3ds Max.



We’ll leave you with this “emotional” render by Ariane Pelissoni which has us feeling ALL the feelings.


ariane pelissoni


Have a great week everybody!


  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Shotgun
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