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Weekly Roundup

Setting up a remote studio, artists to watch, and more

Last modification: 26 Oct, 2020
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Happy Monday, folks!


Let’s slow roll into this new week with this super-fly whip by Abhishek Shukla. Vroom vroom!


abhishek shukla maya 3ds max


Last week we shared our very glimpse into the journey of setting up a remote studio. Follow Ken Larue as he embarks and documents the process of building a remote studio from the ground up to bring life to an animated short.


Our buddy Harvey Newman dropped Animation Powertip #4, where he talks about why the pros use Maya.




We asked, and you told us – here are your top must-follow artists.


How adorable is this wise lil’ grandpa? Heart-warming portrait by the uber-talented Ariane Pelissoni.


ariane pelissoni 3ds max maya


Sir Wade shows us that we all have to start somewhere – animation just takes a little patience (and a whole lot of laughs).




Chaos Group shares a few tutorials on how to get that translucent fabric and translucent plastic with V-Ray. What projects would you use this in?


We love a good tweetorial – give Kamila Bianchi a follow – we are loving her quick Maya lessons on constraints.


I wonder what they’re watching?! Cute lil’ shocked robots by Sichen Lin.


sichen lin


Annnd we’re getting existential with Olaf – Once Upon a Snowman short premiered on Disney+ last week.




 Ready to rip and tear – last week saw the DLC drop for DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 1.




Slightly glad this bad boy has long been extinct – imagine coming face-to-face mid-swim with a tylosaurus? Brought back to life by Omkar Boddu.


omkar boddu


Have a great week, everybody!



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| 28 days ago
I prefer 3ds max, the native Autodesk 3D platform. Later the bought Maya from Alias/Wavefront wich was a SGI subsidiairy.. After that they bought Softimage. The reason was just to counter the competition between this platforms. I stil own the boxes from 3d Studio (DOS) from beginning of the ninetees and all following versions. Plenty of books: tuturials and reference guides. In the Maya course of the art school 50% left after some weeks. Max courses did not suffer from that.