Image courtesy of Rodrigo Albarran.

Weekly Roundup

Behemoths, million-dollar prizes, and more

Last modification: 15 Sep, 2020

Welcome to your weekly roundup – where we’re flashing back to last week in the world of 3D.

We’re easing into the week with Kibrit Creative Solutions’ trippy, fluid, floating globes. We don’t know about you, but we can watch this all day.


Axis Studios shared the challenges they faced in bringing behemoths to life in the latest Magic: The Gathering cinematic trailer for Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, and how they got it done with Maya.


Can you say cozy? Dario Pinat’s got us lusting over this lil’ corner of cushions. 


3ds max living room couch dario pinat


You know what else is cozy? A million dollars. Check out the XPrize $1M Next Gen Mask Challenge, where you can win 1 million dollars for designing the best mask ever.


Ever wonder who develops your tools? The Arnold team talks about the challenges of their last release, and what joining the Autodesk family has been like.  


Super Dope, a remote animation studio born in April stole our hearts (and trigger our sweet tooths) with their super dope animation, Ice Cream.


Looking for some new Getting Started in Maya tutorials? Check out Matt Chan’s latest tutorial where he shows you how to add the finishing touches to your rocket scene, including creating your own custom deformer, adding a cloud and smoke trail using Bifrost, and more.


You know what else happened last week?! Vision Series! No fret if you missed it – we’ll be dropping the presentations on AREA throughout the week. Let’s get it started by getting to know Break+Enter, Nice Shoes’ new Film & Episodic VFX studio. They discuss their experiences and vision for a cloud pipeline, how that has intersected with Autodesk tools, and how a wholly new VFX studio not only took formation during a pandemic but has thrived, delivering multiple films and TV shows for global clients, with more on the way.


We leave you with this slice of terror. With Halloween being just around the corner, here’s Rodrigo Albarran keepin’ it creepy with his “Phenomenological Reflection”.


Rodrigo Albarran 3ds max creepy


Have a great week everybody!

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