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Weekly Roundup

Rigging tutorials, a wizarding RPG, and more

Last modification: 22 Sep, 2020

Happy Monday everybody! Are you ready for another week in the world of 3D?


Let’s kick it off with some feelings of escaping - Mohit Sanchaniya has us in awe over this dreamy, futuristic waterscape. Is this a real place!? Cause we want to go to it.


mohit sanchaniya


We also dropped a few sessions from the Vision Series last week.

He’s not evil, blame the crown! Fabricio Duque gave us the chills with his Adventure Time Ice King fan art.


fabricio duque


And if you’re looking to animate some pep in your character’s step, you’re gonna need a rig for starters. The ever-talented Antony Ward shares his rigging in Maya fundamentals starting with joints and constraints.


Don’t EVER call her ‘Doll’. Gal Yosef gives us another blast from our childhood with his Lola (Bunny) Lisa.


gal yosef


Our own Roland Reyer shared his intro to visual programming for artists with Bifrost over on Lesterbanks.


Thomas Rousvoal – we are such BIG fans of your Back in 90s series! We’re eager to see who’s next. In the meantime, we’re loving this Ice Cube render.


thomas rousvoal


The folks at Motive have been hard at work on the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons, releasing this “Hunted” short. Consider us hooked.



Last week introduced us to the magical world that is Hogwarts Legacy, WB Games and Avalanche’s upcoming game that takes place in the Wizarding World.



We don’t know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we do know that this is hands down one of Hadi Karimi’s best renders if we do say so ourselves!


marilyn monroe


Wes Brewer shared a breakdown video of his latest Zelda dance animation. Who knew she had those moves?



And with that, we bid you a beautiful with a beautiful view. Is it unoriginal if we say we wanna go here too?! Vic Nguyen is killing us with yet another insanely beautiful scenery.


vic nguyen


Have a great week, everybody!


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