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6 resources for your burning 3D questions

Last modification: 30 Aug, 2018
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Here’s a scenario that every 3D artist is likely familiar with: you’re up late, working on a difficult project that’s due early the next day, and all of a sudden you hit a wall.

You run up against a problem that’s just a little bit outside of your current level of expertise, and none of your usual approaches seems to work. What do you do? Where do you go? If you’re very lucky, you might have a trusted friend or co-worker you can call, or even a mentor within the industry. But if it’s very late, or if you’re working alone, with no such helpful friends on call, you might be on your own. 

Never fear, though! We polled the 3ds Max and Maya communities to find out where they go when times get tough and they need a difficult CG question answered. 

#6 – Polycount

Johan F. swears by Polycount, an online resource and forum for game development artists. “Seriously, this is the only place where people respond quickly.” 


#5 – Pluralsight 

Blnd T. H. recommends Pluralsight, an online resource that offers courses in various software programs (including 3ds Max) and even an assessment test, to determine your current skill level. Pluralsight isn’t free, but at $29/month or $299/year, it’s a bargain for anyone self-motivated enough to learn on their own. 


#4 – Twitch Creative 

Chances are you’ve probably only used Twitch to unwind after a hard day’s work, watching your favorite streamer play the latest games. But Twitch has branched out, and one of the coolest things they now offer is Twitch Creative, a subdirectory that allows artists, painters, drawers, programmers and illustrators the opportunity to live-stream their work, and gain a following in the process. Steven S. swears by the “kick-ass people” there, and even if a particular streamer can’t answer your question, someone in their audience might step up. 


#3 – CGSociety 

If you like having a large community of passionate people available to you, look no further than CGSociety, an online forum dedicated to helping the CG community learn and grow together. You can ask questions, test your skills in one of their community challenges, or post your work for critique. 


#2 – Facebook 

Again and again, Autodesk users named Facebook as one of their go-to resources for getting their 3ds Max and Maya questions answered, especially if they’re in a hurry. And that makes sense: Facebook is, after all, the world’s largest social network. The Autodesk community for 3ds Max and Maya alone has over one million members, so chances are, no matter how difficult your problem, you’ll be able to find someone with the knowledge or experience to help you. 


#1 – AREA

Would you look at that – you’re already here! With over 1000 FREE tutorials, forums frequented by dozens of experts, and blogs that dive into every new release and its features, AREA is your official destination for all questions 3ds Max and Maya.

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