File Management in 3ds Max - Dealing with Project Folders

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File Management in 3ds Max - Dealing with Project Folders

In this tutorial, learn how to create and/or set a project folder, so that all your assets are managed within the same location. This ensures all attributed files for your project will be properly organized. It also ensures stability when transferring data between systems.


  • Recorded in: 3ds Max 2010
  • This tutorial is intended for use with 3ds Max version 2010 or higher.


00:00:00 --> 00:00:04
When you start working on a project, the first thing you do is set
a Project Folder.

00:00:04 --> 00:00:08
This ensures all files attributed to the project are properly organized.

00:00:08 --> 00:00:10
When you open 3ds Max for the first time,

00:00:10 --> 00:00:15
the project folder defaults to an install folder labeled 3dsmax
or 3dsMaxDesign,

00:00:15 --> 00:00:17
but you can set the folder to a different location.

00:00:17 --> 00:00:23
A project folder has a specific directory structure. Files needed
for a given project reside in their respective folders.

00:00:23 --> 00:00:28
For example, scene files created as .max files are saved
in the scenes directory,

00:00:28 --> 00:00:33
while texture maps and backgrounds are saved
under sceneassets > images.

00:00:34 --> 00:00:39
When you set a project folder, saving or opening files defaults
to the scenes folder.

00:00:43 --> 00:00:48
This makes it easy to find project scene files without browsing
through your entire hard drive.

00:00:54 --> 00:01:00
To set up a project folder, you first click the Application button
to display the Application menu.

00:01:01 --> 00:01:05
The Set Project Folder option is found under Manage.

00:01:09 --> 00:01:12
There's also a button for it on the Quick Access Toolbar.

00:01:16 --> 00:01:19
If a folder does not already exist, you can create a new one,

00:01:20 --> 00:01:23
especially if you're planning to work on a new project.

00:01:32 --> 00:01:38
Once you have named a folder, 3ds Max automatically creates a series
of sub-folders within it,

00:01:38 --> 00:01:41
based on the structure previously discussed.

00:01:43 --> 00:01:51
From this point on, you add support files to their appropriate folders,
such as scanned images and photos to the "images" folder,

00:01:53 --> 00:01:58
and sound bites to the "sounds" folder among other assets.

00:02:06 --> 00:02:13
If you have also received geometry from a colleague or business partner,
make sure you copy the .max files to the "scenes" folder.

00:02:15 --> 00:02:22
The new project folder becomes current. You can, at any time,
create additional project folders or set an existing one to be current.

00:02:24 --> 00:02:29
If a project folder structure already exists on the hard drive,
no additional sub-folders are created.

00:02:30 --> 00:02:36
In this case, Set Project Folder only serves to make the project
folder current, making access to project files easier.
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