Scene Management in 3ds Max - Rename Objects Tool

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Scene Management in 3ds Max - Rename Objects Tool

In this tutorial, learn how to leverage the Rename Object Tool to bulk update multiple objects. With the Rename Object Tool, you can update prefixes, suffixes and sequential numbers.

  • Recorded in: 3ds Max 2010
  • This tutorial is intended for use with 3ds Max version 2010 or higher.


00:00:00 --> 00:00:03
The Rename Objects tool helps you rename many objects at once.

00:00:04 --> 00:00:09
This tool can be handy, especially when you have objects
with generic names that you initially forgot to name appropriately.

00:00:10 --> 00:00:13
It is also particularly useful with mirrored objects.

00:00:13 --> 00:00:18
The right leg on this skeleton is composed of four limbs all named
appropriately with the "Right" prefix.

00:00:19 --> 00:00:25
This follows the Autodesk MotionBuilder naming convention; RightUpLeg,
RightLeg, RightFoot and RightToeBase.

00:00:25 --> 00:00:29
When the entire leg is mirrored to the left side of the character,

00:00:30 --> 00:00:40
the left limbs are automatically named RightUpLeg01, RightLeg01,
RightFoot01 and RightToeBase01.

00:00:41 --> 00:00:49
The new left leg limb names do not make much sense, adding the fact
that they do not follow the MotionBuilder naming convention for proper

00:00:49 --> 00:00:55
With the left leg selected, you can easily batch rename these limbs
using the Rename Objects tool.

00:00:58 --> 00:01:04
The default Base Name option is handy when you want to replace
the entire object name. That is not the case here.

00:01:07 --> 00:01:14
You need to edit the object's name specifically by changing the "Right"
prefix and removing the numbered suffix.

00:01:14 --> 00:01:20
First, you need to get rid of the "Right" prefix, that's five letters
to remove as the first five digits.

00:01:21 --> 00:01:25
Replace this prefix with another one called "Left".

00:01:30 --> 00:01:35
Finally, remove the last two-digit numerical sequence that the mirror
tool automatically added.

00:01:37 --> 00:01:43
Click Rename. Notice how the limbs of the left leg
have been renamed properly.

00:01:46 --> 00:01:50
This is a powerful tool to use when you need to rename
a large number of objects.

00:01:53 --> 00:01:57
The leg only had four limbs. The right arm has 19.

00:01:59 --> 00:02:05
As you mirror the right arm and check the parts' names,
you find yourself in the same situation as before.

00:02:16 --> 00:02:20
With the Rename Objects tool dialog still open,
and with the parameters still specified,

00:02:20 --> 00:02:24
you can now click the Rename button to rename the left arm parts.

00:02:32 --> 00:02:38
Of course, the Rename Objects tool is not restricted to bone rigs
or character setups. It can be used in any situation.

00:02:38 --> 00:02:42
Use the Quad menu to unhide the rest of the geometry in the scene.

00:02:48 --> 00:02:49
Take a look at these two couches.

00:02:50 --> 00:02:55
One was modeled based on a box object and the other, by its very nature,
started off as a cylinder.

00:02:57 --> 00:03:01
If you forget to rename these objects properly
and start making duplicates,

00:03:01 --> 00:03:05
you end up with a large number of objects labeled very generically.

00:03:18 --> 00:03:22
These objects, which started off as different primitives,
are all essentially couches.

00:03:23 --> 00:03:27
As you select them, you can choose a new base name such as Couch,

00:03:28 --> 00:03:32
since you do not want to retain any part of the old names.

00:03:35 --> 00:03:40
You also need to sequentially number them;
otherwise they will all have the same name.

00:03:40 --> 00:03:44
Set the base number to start with 1, and then click Rename.

00:03:46 --> 00:03:48
All objects have now the same Couch base name.
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