Skinning a Character in 3ds Max - Part 10 - Fingers

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Skinning a Character in 3ds Max - Part 10 - Fingers

In this tutorial, you will skin the left-hand fingers much like you have skinned every other limb on this character. When you are done with the fingers, you will be left with finishing touches like mirroring all the character's left side data to his right side.


  • Recorded in: 3ds Max 2013
  • This tutorial is intended for use with 3ds Max version 2013 or higher.


00:00:03 --> 00:00:06
You are down to the last part, the fingers.

00:00:06 --> 00:00:12
Set your animation between frames 1320 and 2280 to study the finger animation.

00:00:13 --> 00:00:19
There will be very little step-by-step instruction in this movie as you should be familiar with the workflow by now.

00:00:20 --> 00:00:26
Block off vertices to the closest bones, fine-tune the solution by blending vertices at the joints.

00:00:26 --> 00:00:33
To block off vertices, you may want to do that around frame 2220 where the fingers are stretched.

00:00:33 --> 00:00:36
It will just make vertex selection that much easier.

00:00:38 --> 00:00:44
Use vertex selections options like Lasso Selection Region, Grow, Loop or Ring,

00:00:45 --> 00:00:49
Remember the Loop and Ring selection hotkeys you defined as Shift+2 and Shift+3.

00:00:50 --> 00:00:54
Assign selection 100% to the closest bones.

00:01:34 --> 00:01:38
Once that part is done, then you can fine-tune the joints.

00:01:42 --> 00:01:47
This is a process you have done many times over with other limbs, so it won't be detailed here.

00:01:49 --> 00:01:52
By now you should be comfortable with it.

00:01:54 --> 00:02:02
There are many bones and joints in the fingers, so it will take a little time, but the workflow is hopefully familiar and easy at this point.

00:02:06 --> 00:02:10
Consider it a closing exercise in finalizing the skinning of the body.
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