90min challenge. Creating a cave in 3ds Max, FStorm Render, Quixel Bridge + Megascans.

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14 min


Video content:

0:00 - What will be in this video?
0:20 - Creating a sketch of the composition of the cylinders to adjust the lighting. Sometimes I do it because it’s convenient and fast.
0:59 - Adding FSTorm Sun to the scene. Turn on the atmosphere and approximate lighting settings.
1:38 - Export of Megascans assets from Quixel Bridge.
2:28 - Experiments with FSTorm Sunlight and FStorm Atmosphere.
4:27 - Adding additional lighting sources.
6:41 - Import of ice asset, as well as setting FStorm Random Tilling in order to remove the visible borders of the texture. Setting up parallax bump. Ideally, of course, it would be cool to Mix several materials, but then I didn't think about it =) Since time is limited and every minute is important.
7:37 - Setting "Depth of Field" for more realism.
7:52 - Another experiment with the composition and position of objects.
8:45 - I show what happened in 60 minutes. But then I decided to give another 30 minutes to improve overall perception.
8:54 - Another experiment with the sun and lighting.
11:48 - I show what I got in 90 minutes and proceed to the final render.
12:00 - For the first render, I used 10,000 samples and the standard value of Noise Limit.
12:19 - Then, purely for the sake of interest - I decided to increase this value to 20,000 and reduce the Noise Limit. As a result, the scene rendered in just 13 minutes, which personally impresses me. And this is in excess of overpriced settings. Since 20,000 samples are very rarely required for such scenes.
13:21 - What happened as a result. By the way, you can also see it - by clicking on this link - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/W2EQQQ
13:23 - Forrender Renderfarm
13:30 - Promo code for using the 15% lifetime discount on our render farm.
13:33 - Info partners
13:37 - The ending and previews of other lessons.


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