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Introduction - Hi everybody! My name is Felipe Fierro. I’m 19 years old, I'm from Colombia and I'm a character artist. I am going to show you how I created my “Amazing Spider-man” artwork, I used Sketchbook®, 3d’s Max®, Maya®, Mudbox®, and Photoshop®, I hope you like it. (Also I’ve the honor to be nominated to the Artist of the year award in Autodesk® Area, so if you have the time to go and check the nominees and if you decide that my work deserve the vote I owe you the whole world, for real, thank you so so much!! well.. let’s start)

Autodesk® Area - artist of the year nominees

Spider-man was the first character that I draw since I was 4, so I’ve this kind of crush with the character and he means a lot to me, I’ve study the psychology, morality and symbols that involve his universe, so it is important for you to know really well the character before start, also make some sketches before do some kind of modeling, it is very important that you have a clear idea of what you want. Here are some of the concept art I made using Sketchbook®


I created a base mesh in 3ds Max® You can do it in Maya® too, but for this tutorial I use both of them in case you just use one of these tools.


Once I had the model I exported that mesh into Mudbox® and I start to sculpt the body and some folds to give that kind of “spandex” texture.

For the posing I always use the amazing posing tools of Mudbox® but make it on a new layer so you can turn it off and then paint the textures without losing the symmetry 2When I have to do some kind of detail like the eyes I use a stencil to paint a quick texture, then export it into Maya® and use the new Modeling tool kit to draw the polygons on the eye and then extrude it.

You can also do it in Mudbox® and then create some kind of displacement map, but that’ll increase the render times and the polygons on the model, so I prefer do it this way.

Texturing / Shading

I used Mudbox® to make the textures, I did the webbing and spandex tile with a lot of patience, don’t forget about the stamps and stencils. It is important to use a good maps resolution in order to get more detail, in this case I use 4k textures. Also don’t forget that there are other maps besides the Diffuse and Bump map! Many people don’t devote the proper time to the texturing. For this one I made a Diffuse, Specular, Bump and reflection map.

4I use the same pattern in the bump and the specular to give that shiny and characteristic look of spandex 5

For this one I’ll use 3D’s max but you can also use Maya for the rendering. Send all to 3d’s max and in this case I use the default render, yes believe it or not you can achieve great things sometimes without using MentalRay® then I set a simple lighting set with two front lights and one back light. Finally use some big format like HD so you can see all the work that modeling and textures had…and voil ! Now you see the importance of textures? If you do it really well, the lights will behave appropriately with the mesh and the render it’s going to look fantastic!


For the composition I use Photoshop to add the background and then some color correction to it, and that’s it!


Well I hope you enjoy this making of! Is the first time I do one! Stay tuned because there will be more soon! Let me know if you like it in the comment section! In case you were following this tutorial and did some cool spider-man model or maybe other super hero! I would love to see your works! So if you want, post the links to your artworks here in Area. Thank you so so much! And for all your time, I hope this helps you! Don’t forget to go through the Artist of the year voting page! And again if you think my work deserve the vote I would truly appreciate that, for real this means the whole world to me and my career as 3D artist! See you soon! A giant hug and good energy to everyone!

FelipeFierro_ASMFelipe Fierro Official WebsiteFelipe Fierro Official Facebook PageAutodesk® Area - artist of the year nomineesFelipe Fierro Autodesk® Area Gallery
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| 7 years ago
Awesomeee!! it help me a lot with my project!
| 7 years ago
Genial muy bien lograda la textura!
| 7 years ago
Good job man!