CM - Part 8 - Legacy Colour Management

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  • Film & VFX
  • Color Management
  • 2017x1
  • Flame
Skill Level
  • Intermediate
11 min

Level: Intermediate
Recorded in: Autodesk Flame Premium 2017 Extension 1 (2017x1)

This videos series covers the new Colour Management in Flame 2017x1.

In all the preceding videos we went through a lot of the new Active Colour Management and we have covered the majority from Colour Policies, to Colour Managed Imports, compositing in a common colour space And finally colour Managing an export.

Now this is all great to know but we do understand that sometimes there may not be the need to use Colour Management.

So part 8 is just for those of you who want to understand enough about the new colour management tools to turn them off and match the way you used to work in previous versions of Flame.

However, if you are someone who is actively using colour management Than this video is not for you.

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  • Flame
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