Connected Conform Workflow - Syncing with Source Segment Connection

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Level: Intermediate
Recorded in: Autodesk Flame Premium 2017 Extension 1 (2017x1)
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In Flame 2016 Extension 1, we introduced the concept of the Connected Conform Workflow allowing you to keep multiple sequences synced together. This used a workflow of connecting the source media with the Sources Sequence and connecting the segment metadata with the Shots Sequence.

The Shots Sequence allows you drive synced sequences for Batch Group VFX, Versioning, VFX Shot Distribution and scalable collaborative workflows. So its a very power tool.

However in a lot of cases, there is just the requirement to have sequences synced together without requiring the functionality of the Shots Sequence.

So in Flame 2017 Extension 1, a new Connected Conform Workflow called Source Segment Connection has been added to link segment metadata across a bunch of sequences without creating a shot sequence.

This allows you to keep the editorial synced as well as perform TimelineFX and vertical compositing. It is also possible to add more versions or an editorial update of a sequence using this workflow.

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