Create a Clean Plate with 3D Shapes & Projections - Flame 2019

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Last modification: 25 Mar, 2019
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12 min


Level: Intermediate
Recorded in: Autodesk Flame 2019
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In this video, you’ll learn the workflow to clean up your images using 3D Shapes and Projections.

In a lot of cases, this might be a lot quicker than the traditional 3D tracking and projection technique.

Now we’ll be covering two methods and they differ slightly when it comes to projecting the clean frame.

Areas covered include: cloning in paint, 3D shape generation, planar tracking and projection.


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| 2 years ago
This seems like a pretty silly way to do this for this shot. Since all you need to do is offset a duplicate layer revealed via a tracked mask. Then you don't have to worry about many of the issues created by tracked in static frame. ie fake motion blue, grain and filter hits on high detailed objects.
Edited by KdHFgAl9 2 years ago
| 2 years ago
Hi Randy, that may be the case in certain instances which would be ideal but you wont always be able to get the perfect off-set with a duplicated layer. It is quite common that you may have to paint up a frame from different parts of your image to create a clean plate or even clone from another shot if it becomes necessary.