Creating particle effects in Stingray

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To get started, we'll go over the different types of particles, plus how to set up folders for particle effects and their related textures.

Part 1: Creating sparks

In this video, you'll see how to create sparks and add color to the sparks.

You'll also learn:

  1. How to create a particle system in Stingray.
  2. Set the total number of particles.
  3. Set the particle spawn rate.

Part 2: Creating smoke

This video covers how to create a smoke effect and use particle system components.

You'll see:

  1. How to change the smoke transparency using Opacity.
  2. How to add the smoke dispersion using Acceleration: Vector Field Wind.

Part 3: Creating fire

Here you will learn how to create a fire effect using UV Animation.

  1. Paul gives you a brief overview of how to create your UV tile sheet using Adobe After Effects.
  2. Import it to Stingray to create a fire particle.
  3. Play the fire sequence within the billboard using the UV Animation particle component.

Part 4: Creating trails

Learn how to create a trail effect using two particle systems.

In this video, Paul shows you how to:

  1. Create a rock particle.
  2. Use the Velocity Box and Acceleration Gravity particle components to make it fly.
  3. Use the Collision Result and Query particle components to drive its physics.

You'll also learn how to add another particle system using the Spawn Trail particle component to create the trail particle system.


This video shows how to create a fire effect using the new Billboard Visualizer particle component introduced in Stingray 1.3.

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