Creating VFX with Batch Groups in the Sequence - Flame 2019.1

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Last modification: 26 Mar, 2019
  • Film & VFX
  • Flame
Skill Level
  • Intermediate
11 min


Level: Intermediate
Recorded in: Autodesk Flame 2019.1 Update

In this video, you'll learn a great workflow to connect and link your sequences with any VFX work that you may do in Batch.

So unlike the BatchFX workflow where everything is always contained in the timeline, this workflow will allow you to start in a sequence, automatically separate your segments and load them into Batch. And finally the flow graph renders will automatically update in the timeline.

This is not replacing BatchFX but it does give you an alternative way to do VFX work in separate Batch Groups which still have a connection to your sequence.

Some people like to keep everything in a timeline using BatchFx while others like to break things apart.

You now have the option of both with a great degree of connectivity between the various parts of the application.


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