Effects Environment - Part 1 - Integrated Grading and VFX in the Timeline - Flame 2019

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Last modification: 25 Mar, 2019
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Level: Beginner
Recorded in: Autodesk Flame 2019

With the release of Flame 2019, one of the major enhancements is a new task-based environment that brings a new level of Grading and VFX integration directly into the timeline.

So all your Timeline VFX and Grading toolsets are in one place with full navigational tools and access to the rich Flame toolset.

This will allow you to work faster than ever before develop and iterate a shot or multiple shots and there are a bunch of new tools for sophisticated image treatments such as colour grading, beauty retouching and 'creative look FX'.

This is all integrated within Flame's core keying, masking and tracking systems.

This environment is known as EFFECTS and it also has its own task-based tab alongside MediaHub, Conform, Timeline, Batch and Tools.

This video serves as a general overview of EFFECTS to get you started and future videos will take a deep dive into specific features and workflows.


If you wish to follow along, you can download the 30-day Flame trial or if you are in education, you can Are you a student? Access it for free.

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