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Welcome to the AREA Tutorials section. From here you can navigate and view all our tutorials or to create one of your own. Whether you prefer to submit a step-by-step workflow, a written or video tutorial we are interested in all learner levels and Autodesk software. First time submitting a tutorial? Click here

Review process

Prior to submitting, review your tutorial and ensure that all assets comply with the Autodesk AREA terms & conditions. Submit your tutorial, a member of the AREA team will review it. We aim to review tutorials within 10 days of receipt. We will send you an email informing you of any requested changes. If approved, your article will be published and live on AREA tutorials.

How to submit

Create a user profile and upload your tutorials and/or tutorial series. At the moment, only English submissions are accepted. Further support for creating tutorials can be found here.

Have a topic you would like our team to cover? Email us at: area@autodesk.com

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