How to work with Chaos Vantage? Animation, DoF, Hair, Interior. Final.

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ChaosGroup recently released a new update to their "Project Lavina" raytracing engine, now called "Chaos Vantage".




In this video, I'll show you how:


? Export scene to .vrscene format from 3ds max and import to "Chaos Vantage"

? Adjust fog

? Change lighting to "Physical Sun & Sky"

? Enable "Depth of Field"

? Render a picture with and without a denoiser.

? Make camera animation or record video with actions from the viewport


Also, in this series - I will demonstrate the work of the interior from Evermotion and since Chaos Vantage doesn't support hair from Ornatrix and V-Ray Hair Mtl - I will show you how to import it anyway - using one clever trick.

More tutorials:


- Chaos Vantage ?

- V-Ray ?

- 3ds Max ?


Video content:


0:00 - Switch on subtitles in another language

0:05 - Welcome and lesson topic.

0:49 - Channel support information

1:09 - Export scene to .vrscene and import to "Chaos Vantage"

2:22 - How do I add fog to the scene? 2 presets.

4:07 - Using "Physical Sun & Sky"

7:15 am - How do I enable "Depth of Field" in "Camera"?

9:11 - How to render in "Chaos Vantage"?

11:50 - How to record "Viewport"?

12:27 - Creation of cameras and their animation.

14:42 - Restaurant interior test

19:01 - How to import hair from Ornatrix?

21:59 - Forrender Renderfarm

22:07 - Promo code for using a lifetime 15% discount on our render farm.

22:10 - Info-partners

22:13 - Ending and preview of other lessons.



Enjoy watching!

Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.


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