Inorganic Modeling Fundamentals : Part 1

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- 19 Oct, 2009
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In this three-part video tutorial series, hardsuface modeling guru Grant Warwick takes viewers through the tools, techniques and understandings of achieving various inorganic modeling forms. Using Autodesk 3ds Max, Grant will demonstrate several of his own personal tricks and exercises for creating rigged forms and shapes which can be applied to any hard surface or inorganic modeling solution including; characters, vehicles and environments. Inorganic Modeling Fundamentals is for those who aspire to learn 3D modeling as well as a guide to help the experienced modeler gain additional software and modeling tricks.

Inorganic Modeling Fundamentals : Part 1
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Da V | 8 years ago
useful thanx
Stephen Gabriel | 8 years ago
Very nicely done! Thanks!
Kyle Hug | 8 years ago
I like that curve trick. That's much faster than my previous technique.
Alberto Arlandi | 8 years ago
Can't wait for the part 2. Well done
Marc Brinkman | 8 years ago
The Cut tool does indeed SUCK; Fix it! MLB
David Petersen | 8 years ago
Great tutorial and very helpful, my only comment is I think the info would come across cleaner if you didn't move around the viewport as quickly and as often as you are...
Chris Robinson | 8 years ago
Very nicely done, & I'm looking forward to parts two & three. Thanks.
Luis Poma | 8 years ago
this is a tip non a tutorial, the tutorial is like a teacher, but this is a simple help reviwn, vaa this is not util... Bye post it in tips
marky mark | 8 years ago
Nice tutorial. I always chamfer the edges when i use turbosmooth. to get sharp edges. but connecting them like in your tutorial is nice 2.
renderking007 | 8 years ago
another very big problem with the cut tool is that you cant rotate the view with the middle mouse button, while you are using it, which makes more complex cuts impossible. I have been emailing autodesk about that for many years, however this lack of funtionaly has never been fixed so far.
Chris Robinson | 8 years ago
I know this is not the proper way to do this, but I saw no way to quote the below user. One way around rotating the view & using the cut tool is to get a "Space Pilot" or something similar from "3D Connexions". I've been using my Space Pilot for about three years now, & I could not function without it. The Space Pilot or similar device also allows one to navigate the view port while drawing splines as well; plus, one can also navigate the orthographic viewports as well. Either way, they are a very handy device & they have a lot more functions than what I've listed above.
Chris Robinson | 8 years ago
Do you have any idea as to what time frame you will be coming out with parts II & III?
Stefan Henry-Biskup | 8 years ago
I enjoyed this very much and am really looking forward to the next ones. I think it is a tutorial and a tip at once ;) My favorite tutorials leave me with great useful tips, this certainly does too. Thanks very much!
ahmad sabry | 8 years ago
After waiting and longing , Hey 3dMax, I am Coming
Mac Boroda | 8 years ago
Great tutorial! As for me, it`s faster to use collapse option to weld messed vertexes instead of target welding.
andre carneiro | 8 years ago
great man ... is fundamental for every thing!
Peter Ouden | 8 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial, keep them coming it's appreciated
chaco linc | 8 years ago
looking forward to the next one!
Burr | 8 years ago
Where can I get the shortcut key assignments?
James Boyle | 8 years ago
Those looking for the second and third part, they can be found on the Digital Apprentice website; Just click the article homepage link on the video page. You have to be a member but it's free registration via their forums
Flemming Bo Hansen | 8 years ago
Thanks for a great tutorial
andrew brannan | 8 years ago
I think Polygon Shapes for animation only . It's better such surfaces would been to do with NURBS tools-splines of Maya or Rhinoceros *.exe aspecialy
Cris Cordolantes | 8 years ago
excellent video, helped a lot!
wombatinahat | 8 years ago
cheers mate, very useful
Charles Lonon | 8 years ago
Wow, I've been doing 3D make for awhile and I did not know the depth of creating awesome models. I want to thank you for this tutorial. It has inspired me to practice Inorganic Modeling.
Rett Clem | 8 years ago
Very helpful. Well use of tools! I've used some of these techniques but with never such clean results! Helps a lot!
Andrej Elbers | 8 years ago
Very helpful tutorial! I hope you get the 2nd and 3rd part up again soon! Thanks!
maizar | 8 years ago
perfect modelling and very detailed tutorial! if only all the tutorials were like this
Tomasz Gapinski | 8 years ago
Fantastic tutorial. When will part 3 be available?
Dan Garcia | 8 years ago
great tut
kevin miller | 8 years ago
I know it takes some time to pull these together so some appreciation is in order. Thanks a bunch. These have been really helpful in assisting me with improving my modeling techniques. I am looking forward to the second one. Hopefully, the third tut is up so I can keep rolling :-)
David Jacques | 8 years ago
thanx for taking the time to illustrate the method. it may seem fundamental and boring to someone who does this at a production level but, i got more out of a half hour of your time than I would a 300 page book on the subject. As for it being repetitive you should watch me draw in 2-d sometime. especially before AutoDesk started making some of your tools available to us cad grinders.
Andrei Topli | 8 years ago
thanks for the video. really helpful tips here, right on the subject.
Midge Spencer | 7 years ago
Thanks Grant, You make it look so easy, but this has taught me more in 30 minutes than reading any amount of manuals and books. Now to practice. Thanks again
stevendavidholmes | 7 years ago
I can find the hot keys I need in the forum? What forum? Where? Haven't started and I'm already hanging.
Mateusz Ziomal | 7 years ago
Why I don't see a video? :/;/
Debbie Schow | 7 years ago
I'm sure and can see by comments that this is a helpful video, but for the person starting in fundamental modeling it is very difficult to see/understand what is being chosen in the drop down menus and which tools are selected.
Paul Kind | 7 years ago
Epic tutorial, I have been needing this set of lessons exactly. Helluva find imho. Thanks for the great lesson.
mero mohamed | 7 years ago
thank you soooooooooooooo much . u r very good professor
lelo arma | 7 years ago
ASHOOR SADI | 7 years ago
THANKS BUT. Why I don't see a video?????????????????? Thanks again
Edited by DesignerGames 7 years ago
ayman salah | 7 years ago
oh .. very usefull ... thnx ok am gonna go on to part 2 & 3 now :D ... thnx again
The Forced | 7 years ago
Precious!!! Thank you so much
Kenneth Barker | 7 years ago
Thank you soo much for your time and effort. It's a great set of tutorials. Well done !
chennakesava Reddy | 7 years ago
nice and speed work
Marc Brinkman | 7 years ago
It's funny how everyone here is so enthousiastic about these extremely laborious methods for creating something that could literally be done in a few mouse clicks in any decent CAD program. MLB
mohammed talat | 7 years ago
thank you so much :)
Arsalan Ahmad | 7 years ago
great work dude
rotanadan | 7 years ago
Where can I find the list of hotkeys he uses
Chris Robinson | 7 years ago
I agree he is smoking with the hotkey layout he implements, & I too would like to have a copy.
Leo82080 | 7 years ago
@ MLB I find it funny how there so many haters. If you can do better and you're such a master artist why don't you make a video. Other then that this was a great tutorial.
Matteo Lovrić | 7 years ago
thanks.. :) great work
chris thorn | 7 years ago
dude this will work perfect for level design
Steve Kozie | 7 years ago
fast clean work. thanks for all the tips.
Tai Tran | 7 years ago
i hope U can up video . i can download , i appreciate that
andrey chuckalkin | 7 years ago
stnomad | 7 years ago
this helps a lot, thank you!
gume zal | 7 years ago
The hardest part of all of this is defining quad regions, and it's awesome to have these tutorials to help.
Mohammed Alkhatib | 7 years ago
Nice tutorial
djdesign2008 | 6 years ago
Wow, great clip! Going to need to practice these techniques. Thanks for putting it together.
merrie nance | 6 years ago
Very helpful
Peter Paterson | 6 years ago
Great resource, thansk for these videos
maxi rogds | 6 years ago
Amaziging tutorial, got up some really nice tips
Bradley Carouthers | 6 years ago
hot keys..?
Gary Calhoun | 6 years ago
amazing very helpful
Nay Lin Htaik | 6 years ago
Thanks :D
布衣 李 | 6 years ago
the video don't operate
Sharad kumbhar | 4 years ago
very good stuff!!
Dave Caxton | 1 year ago
Where do we get parts 2 and 3?