(NEW for Maya 2022.1) Intro to Lighting and Shading Interactive Tutorial

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Last modification: 21 Sep, 2021
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10 min

New to Maya and tired of the same old grey and black? Let your personal mentor, Mayabot, show you how to add a little color to your scenes!

To use this tutorial:

  1. Download and extract the zip file here: https://areadownloads.autodesk.com/wdm/maya/tutorials/Interactive_LightingAndShading.ma.zip (see blue button above)
  2. Open Maya 2022.1 or later
  3. Load the file "Interactive_lightingandshading.ma".

(Note: If the tutorial doesn't start right away, try loading the scene file again from within Maya via the File > Open Scene menu)

Interactive tutorials are a brand new way to learn right inside of Maya itself. Just load the tutorial and follow the story. Perform tasks right inside the UI as Mayabot asks you to in order to move further along towards the end. It's a fun, gaming-inspired approach to learning!

Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
3.0 Unported License. For the terms of this license, please visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/.

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| 5 months ago
very useful and informative. I shared the tutorials at my Autodesk Maya Group Network on Social Media. Thanks a lot
| 4 months ago
I honestly don't know how to get any of these tutorials to begin. I open the files and nothing happens. Just a frozen robot that does nothing on the screen. Is there a play button or something to activate the tutorial???
| 4 months ago
@Thomas: Try opening Maya first, then loading the files from within the software.
| 3 months ago
step-27 I tried twice,it doesn't work.how to do it
| 3 months ago
To load tutorial open MD file first and then on top right corner choose desired tutorial
| 3 months ago
@Matt: You are an incredible fellow! Thank you very much! Very exciting and interesting! You have wonderful humor and intelligence! Thanks! I will be happy to go through the rest of the classes.
| 3 months ago
@Matt I'm trying to access these tutorials but it lists the file as unrecognized. Maybe I'm missing a step?
| 3 months ago
@Clayton, open Maya 2022.1 / 2022.2 first, then use File > Open to open the scene file
| 1 month ago
Matt Chan - All of these have been great but this one has a bug. :-( It always gets stuck on a step where you're changing textures. Soon after making the doors match the windows. Would love to finish this one but the bug is getting me. I've reproduced it twice. The steps will advance but nothing happens. Help please and thank you so much for doing this!
| 1 month ago
@Matthew Jackson Can you tell me the exact step where you get stuck?
| 1 month ago
@Matt Chen I'm also stuck in the same place I believe. It's the stage after the windows..you watch the bots debate about the wall color then you get to renaming the walls to "wall_MAT" then move to assigning the new material, and using a texture. Now once you choose "Ramp" it says, "Adjust these points to change the ramp's color gradient." and that's where the bug is. No matter what you do, changing the slider parameters, making new slider points, changing the color, nothing seems to complete the task of "Adjust ramp color values" so the next button remains unclickable. Look forward to hearing from you on a way to troubleshoot this step and get passed it. Grateful for your tuts, really put the step into understanding Maya as a user coming from another modeling software pipeline.
| 1 month ago
Hi @Keith Rogers, @Matthew Jackson, and @? ?. Thanks so much for letting us know about this issue, it only helps us make these tutorials stronger. I've gone ahead and made some changes to that step so that if any point on the ramp gets changed or moved then you should be able to go to the next step. We've updated the tutorial here, so to test it out you can download the new version. Thanks again!!
| 27 days ago
I'm stuck on putting a file texture on the grass. Every time I click file it just closes and then repeats the process.
| 4 days ago
Whenever I try opening it, I get an error that reads: // Error: line 4: Cannot find procedure "stage". // The dynamics evaluator must disable the evaluation manager due to these unsupported nodes: houses:pasted__rigidSolver Disable the 'dynamics' evaluator, or remove the nodes, to resume using the evaluation manager. # Warning: Cached Playback: Cache disabled as the evaluation manager has been disabled. See the Script Editor for details. # I'm not sure where to find the dynamics and evaluation managers and searching in the "help" tab didn't get any results.