Light Wrap in Action - P1 - Integrate composites more naturally - Flame 2019.2

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Last modification: 25 Mar, 2019
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Level: Intermediate
Recorded in: Autodesk Flame 2019.2 Update
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If you’re someone who does keying in your post production work, you should be familiar with an integrating technique known as “light wrapping”.

This is a process of blending the edges of your key with a background.

The purpose of this is to help give your composites a sense of realism.

So the light and colour of the background should wrap around your subjects matching real world physics and the final result looks more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Now there are many techniques, node trees and shaders you can use to do a light wrap.

However, it can be quite an involved process of creating edge mattes, performing multiple blending and finally recomposing everything back together again.

With the Flame 2019.2 Update, light wrapping has been introduced as part of the Action 3D compositor.

This means that you can light-wrap in the context of a live 3D scene and the light wrapping is totally aware of all the other objects within the composite.

This can help solve some really tricky blending issues when images overlap.


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