MASH end-to-end workflow

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Most of these videos were recorded in Maya 2016 extension 2. In Maya 2017 you may notice slight differences, such as:

the MASH menu being located in the Animation and FX menu sets.

MASH nodes no longer need to be assigned to specific transform channels (they are now always assigned to Translate, Rotate, and Scale simultaneously).

the replacement of certain nodes (Noise and Trig with Signal, Mute with Strength).

Other miscellaneous minor UI changes.

Note: Scene files used in this tutorial can be found here.

For even more videos on creating specific MASH effects, see the Motion Graphics playlist on the Maya Learning Channel.


Creating a pixel globe

Creating a plexus sphere

Animating scene elements

Creating and fixing a HUD element to the camera

Creating additional HUD elements

Exporting to After Effects

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  • Maya
  • Animation
  • 2017
  • Motion Graphics
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