Masking with the Matte Viewer

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Last modification: 26 Mar, 2019
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Level: Beginner
Recorded in: Autodesk Flame 2019.1 Update
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When it comes to masking or rotoscoping in the Flame products, the Gmask Tracer is a very powerful option that allows you to isolate a part of your image.

Now when you are in the process of masking your image, there are a number of views you can use to view your progress.

With Flame 2019, there is another viewer you can use that is called the “Matte Viewer”.

This is a Matchbox shader that provides some additional overlay functionality when working with masks and mattes.

This tool can also be used in Action to overlay the mattes within a 3D composite.


If you wish to follow along, you can download the 30-day Flame trial or if you are in education, you can Are you a student? Access it for free.

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