Maya 2020 - New Hotkeys

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Use these new hotkeys to quickly and easily navigate the UI and tackle certain tasks in Maya.

Four New Toggle Visibility Hotkeys
Use these hotkeys to show/hide controllers, instead of turning on/off NURBS curves from the menu.

nurbsCurves  Alt +1
Polygon Meshes Alt + 2
Image Planes Alt + 4
Wireframe on Shaded Alt + 5 




Nudging Keys Left and Right
Use these hotkeys to nudge selected keys to the left or right easily.

Nudge Left Shift + 9
Nudge Right Shift + 0


MotionBuilder-like X-Ray Toggles 
Use this hotkey to quickly cycle between x-ray modes to see joints, controls, and characters. 

Display Cycle Rig Alt + a



Selecting Next/Previous Keyframes
Use these new hotkeys to speed up the task of selecting previous and next keyframes. Combining these hotkeys with nudging workflow can speed up your workflow and finessing. 

Select previous keyframe Ctrl + Alt + , 
Select next keyframe 
Ctrl + Alt + . 







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