Ornatrix Features #2 - Creating braids with MeshFromStrands/BraidTool (3ds Max)

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Last modification: 21 Oct, 2021
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With it - you can create procedural braids and draw them on the surface, while - they will already have a UV and, if desired, can be converted into real hair or haircards.

Branching allows you to quickly assign any braid to any guide or group of guides.

The goal of the series is to quickly show you something interesting and useful related to this plugin.

I don't waste time on voice acting, since there are already basic lessons - which also need to be done =) But since - I don't upload them very often, I need to do something else - to develop the channel.


0:00 - What will happen in this video?

1:22 - Let's start adding BraidTool to Ornatrix.

1:50 - I clone an object to make different braids and their settings.

2:59 - Let's start creating guides on the scalp, which we will then turn into braids.

4:04 - Using Branching, I create multiple references of one Ornatrix object so that I can easily apply any braid I choose to any guide or group. This function allows you to create any number of groups and objects. I show with the example of 4 braids for the group 0,1,2,3. 0 - the group is created for the convenience of displaying drawing with braids. Since it is it who is assigned by default.

6:11 - Here I am showing the ability to rotate proxy braids using different methods.

7:25 - Demonstration of the Branching feature. When the drawn guide is replaced with any of the proxy braids.

7:42 - At any time - you can edit the settings of any of the braids.

7:55 - Demonstrating the possibility of optimization and creation of lowpoly

8:25 - It is at this moment that I create a proxy object for a 0 group.

8:44 - Demonstration of drawing with braids.

9:08 - Demonstration of editing (combing, increasing the length, etc.)


Happy viewing!

Best regards, Andrey Krivulya Charly.



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