Plexus Tutorial by Joël LeLièvre thinkingParticles

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Last modification: 4 Feb, 2019
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Check out this insightful tutorial by Joël LeLièvre where he creates a Plexus-like effect using 3DS Max and an older version of thinkingParticles - nevertheless, cebas have decided to republish it due to popular demand. The thinkingParticles logic therein is still very useful.

Joel LeLievre/ Insight Interview
In it, Joel has shared info about his work, working in the US (the Visa issue) and what is a Generalist. Find Joel at

Find more information about thinkingParticles, Joel's tutorial is still a great help for those learning tP logic. If need be, you can purchase the scene file used in the tutorial from

Joël LeLièvre is a CG Generalist & FX Artist with over 12 years experience in motion graphics for features film, television, web, and print.

You can get more info about thinkingParticles commercial and educational licenses @, or write to





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  • 3ds Max
  • Creating Effects
  • Dynamics
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