Quickly Create Nature Scenes

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Last modification: 26 Jun, 2020
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19 min

In this tutorial, we’ll focus on Forest Pack’s various area modes that can be used to populate scenes with realistic ground cover in a matter of minutes. Using these techniques you will be able to create nature renders in little more than an afternoon.


 For this tutorial, all the plant models are from libraries. Modeling and texturing foliage is a specialized and lengthy task that’s beyond the scope of this article. The house has also already been supplied, but everything else we will build from scratch.

 If you want to follow along, a starter file is available containing the landscape and the building. You’ll just need to source your own plant models. The majority of the tutorial can be completed using the assets that come free with Forest Pack and RailClone, but the final image has supplemented these with a few heather models from 3D Mentor, and a bush and additional grasses from Evermotion.

Let's get started.

1 - Frame The Composition

2 - Model The Landscape

3 - Use Spline Deformer Scripts

4 - Use Basic Materials

5 - Extract Splines

6 - Add Fences

7 - Modify the RailClone Style

8 - Add Roofs

 9 - Add ridges to the roofs 

10 - Define Rocky Areas

11 - Sculpt The Rocks

12 - Create Splines Around Rocks

13 - Decide On The Plants

14 - Add Background Trees

15 - Add Foreground And Midground Trees

16 - Randomise Rotation And Scale

17 - Add Bushes

18 - Edit Individual Items

19 - Using Clustering Mode        

20 - Grouping Heather   

21 - Add Bracken And Dead Plants

22 - Forest Object can exclude Forest Objects

23 - Remove Objects From The Path

24 - Using Falloff Curves

25 - Use Forest Objects As An Include Area

26 - Filling the landscape

27 - Using Detail Presets

28 - Layering presets adds more believable complexity 



Want the full walkthrough and assets? Get them here.






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