Real-Time Rendering for Product Design with 3ds Max

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Last modification: 19 May, 2020
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  • Beginner

Software required: 3ds Max 2021

In this first video we see how to setup the scene and 3ds Max's viewport for optimal visualization quality.



In next video we see how to leverage OSL shaders to light up the scene. 3ds Max 2021 ships with 2 new OSL shaders: one for loading HDR environments maps and one for HDR light sources which can be intuitively alligned to a surface's normal direction in order to "paint" highlights in specific areas of the model. We also see how we can use OSL shaders to simplify material parameter editing.



In this last video we see how to setup the camera, depth of field and and final scene management for instant image output.




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| 11 months ago
This is AWESOME! Of course, as a Maya user, the obvious question is, when will we get this functionality in Maya?
| 9 months ago
Is it possible to have the scene so we can follow the tutorial and do ti step by step?