How to bring out the Car Colours! with finalRender Tutorial

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Last modification: 4 Feb, 2019
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In this video, Justin shows how you can use the latest finalRender- FrameBuffer and adjust as if it is a CAMERA, for some quick and creative modifications on a car model.

Transcription: 00:00:00,030 -- all right guys we're gonna show you some of the lens effects inside of finalRender for so I'm just gonna do some adjustments here okay making sure everything is good to go.

COLOR ADJUSTMENT 00:00:11,550 -- -trying a different color of the car; - example of some of the the lens effects and the color correction that you can that you can do with inside of with inside of finalRender.

DE-NOISER (fR-FrameBuffer) 00:01:06,600 -- - lighten up this image quite a bit so what I'm gonna do is enable our DE-Noiser...let's try one for now okay and as you can see how much it cleaned up our noise and that's what's great about finalRender, for is that they've added the De-Noiser function and that really tremendously speeds up your renders quite a bit if you have some unwanted noise that you just don't want. - ..over to our exposure tools here and we could play with the temperature a bit as you can see the temperature will change we can play with the tint just like you can with a Photoshop or any kind of image editing software, - exposure that we can increase so we can already see our images getting quite nice and then we could bring in some contrast and just kind of make this image look a little more dramatic!

FINALRENDER WORKS LIKE A CAMERA : BRINGING OUT THE COLOR ; TONE MAPS 00:02:19,510 -- - highlights we can move this slider up and down just to kind of bring up some of the the reflection highlights and bring up our whites just a bit; - vibrance and bring some color out and just add a little bit of saturation so now we're really seeing the blue come out okay; - add a little bit of some lens effects there okay; - hot pixel we don't need that unless you're seeing some kind of Firefly effect. Reset and you can see that how different the image looks! - also there's the film response curves and we have tone mapping which is really cool as well as going through some of these properties here the film responds just like acting as like a real camera! can actually get a a really cool kind of color grade to your to your image so as I kind of filter through them you can see the differences; -.. you could change the exposure and then just kind of work with the tone mapping and this you get such a realistic image doing this and as you can see here you guys that we're already getting some nice results;

VIBRANCE / MID-TONES 00:04:04,400 -- - great feature added into finalRender and this is definitely something I've used across the boards when I'm doing other when I'm using other software or sorting render engines you can see that using these adjustments really help your your final look right; - .. the mid-tones and we're playing with the vibrance; - work with our tone map image as well and you can see the differences so using tone mapping is excellent and I'm glad that this is added in finalRender okay;

GLARE / BLOOM EFFECT (FILM RESPONSE CURVES) 00:05:05,650 -- - some glare .. bring these values up we start to kind of get a bloom effect happening ..I believe I like what I got here is very natural look it's not too too much flares and show you guys that using tone mapping and using the response curves film response curves you can really get some cool look to your image; -finalRender , I use Octane renderer with this quite a bit and having these features really help bring out your image so I'm just going to play a little bit more with the blacks and bring up its give it give it a little bit more of a kind of a vintage look to the image but you can see here guys that this looks really cool and you can see the differences between the raw image and then my modified one using the lens effects and the exposure tools.

Alright guys well thank you very much! Hope you learned something from that and you can see the potential with finalRender for GPU. Thank you

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