Rigging In Maya Part 17 - Global Controls & Scalability

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33 min

Hello and welcome video seventeen in my #rigging in #Maya series.

We’ve come a long way, so thanks for sticking with me. What we are going to do in this video is finalise the rig you’ve built over the past sixteen videos, giving the animator the ability to move it globally while also adding letting them #scale him fully too.

We will also investigate locking the rig down, making it bulletproof so the animator can’t accidentally break it, which is an important step.

Now this may be the last time we look at this guy here, and I’m sure some of you are sick of seeing him, I know I am! I started this series a year ago now, so I’m looking forward to moving onto another character and sharing some more advanced techniques with you in the future.

Ok, lets finish this rig!




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