Rigging In Maya Part 18 - Ribbons

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30 min

Hello and welcome video eighteen in my #rigging in #Maya series.

You have now covered all the basics so should be able to build your own biped rig. So that’s the first section of this course complete and it only took seventeen videos to do it!

As we move into more advanced areas of rigging, I thought we would need a new creature to rig, something with a higher polygon count and that can be more geared towards film and TV rather than games. So I’m currently working on something special for you and I will post updates in the community feed.

Before we begin rigging the new creature, I wanted to cover a key part of the rig, and that’s whats known as the #ribbon.

I will be using these a lot throughout the next section of this course so it made sense to dedicate this first video to them, that way I am not repeating myself and if you are unsure you can just refer back here.

I also have a nice surprise for you :)




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