Rim Shader

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A rim shader is useful for achieving a lighting effect related to the contour/outline edges of an object. This tutorial demonstrates a simple shader that simulates a fake rim light shading effect. It can be useful for creating fresnel or cartoon like skin effects.

This shader is available here.
No rim shader (Standard Surface) Rim shader color set to white

  • A SamplerInfo node is connected to a ramp which determines the color of the rim light effect. This is connected to the Base Color attribute of a Standard Surface shader.

Rim shader network

  • Changing the color of the ramp will affect the rim lighting efffect. You can adjust the width and strength of the rim effect using a ramp texture.
Ramp color set to yellow Ramp color set to black

Thanks to sample and hold for use of the toy scan model.

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| 3 years ago
I've tried recreating the shader in this tutorial; however, when I attempt to do so I get error messages that the FacingRatio on the SamplerInfo node can't connect to the input of the Clamp node, and that the output of the Clamp can't be connected to the input of the ramp node. I downloaded the shader, and it appears to work fine. However, if I break one of the aforementioned connections, I get error messages again. I don't know if I'm the only one having this problem, but I have absolutely no idea how to fix it.