3D Round Tripping with FBX - Flame 2018.3 Update

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- - Flame , Maya - Film & VFX

This three-part series takes you through a round tripping workflow between Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Maya in a linear colour pipeline using the FBX interchange format. Please be aware that this is not actually 3D application specific.

In part 1, you'll import a 3D model into Flame and relight it with image-based lighting. You'll also retexture geometry with Substance physical based textures as well as reverse a 3D camera move. You also identify issues that could potentially make you go back to the 3D application to fixing or tweaking. You'll end off exporting a FBX with the various settings and go through what is supported via the round tripping workflow.

Part 2 continues after exporting the FBX from Flame and you'll import the FBX into Maya. You'll learn how to match the 3D scene to Flame as well as check what was carried over during the import. You'll examine the materials and colour space settings as well as fix a model's UV mapping. You will also refine a few meshes to make them look better. And don't forget clients may also want changes to the 3D geometry. This video will conclude by exporting the 3D scene as a FBX to be round-tripped back to Flame.

In part 3, you conclude the 3D round tripping workflow by importing the new FBX into Flame and matching all the various settings to the original action composite. You'll redo the IBL which is not supported in the FBX and you'll also reapply the substance PBR textures to any baked materials that you'd like to tweak further in Flame.