Creating City Blocks in 3ds Max - Introduction

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Creating City Blocks in 3ds Max - Introduction

This tutorial series you how to build tileable city blocks that include road works, street elements and low-poly buildings to create small and large-scale cityscapes. In this series, you learn various techniques that range from simple modeling and texturing functionality to writing bits of code to help with the automation of certain tasks.

The tutorial is divided in three sections: In the first section, you learn to create road works and map them with different road markings. You also learn to extract sidewalks and building lots. In the second section, you learn to add, duplicate and place various urban design components like stop signs, traffic lights and fire hydrants.

Finally, you learn in the third section how to build, duplicate and place low-polygon buildings using a variety of techniques, including the use of a free script called Building Maker. You also learn to duplicate your city blocks to create full-scale cityscapes.


  • Recorded in: 3ds Max 2014
  • This tutorial is intended for use with 3ds Max version 2014 or higher.


00:00:06,551 --> 00:00:11,715
In this tutorial, you learn how to create city blocks that you use to build cityscapes.

00:00:12,075 --> 00:00:19,891
There are several commercial products that automate these tasks but in this tutorial, you learn how to create city blocks from scratch.

00:00:20,320 --> 00:00:23,450
The tutorial is divided into three major sections:

00:00:23,716 --> 00:00:27,518
In the first section, you learn to build the roads infrastructure.

00:00:27,845 --> 00:00:34,858
This means you create the roads in a way that enables you detailed mapping works to accommodate various road markings.

00:00:35,348 --> 00:00:39,826
The techniques learned here will take you beyond what most automated tools can provide.

00:00:40,091 --> 00:00:47,410
Often, automated tools provide you with a single road map, typically an intermittent dividing line that lacks conviction.

00:00:47,970 --> 00:00:53,148
Once you build the roads, you use them to extract sidewalks and building lots.

00:00:53,690 --> 00:00:57,170
No cityscape is complete without urban design components:

00:00:57,380 --> 00:01:04,690
In the second section of this tutorial, you learn to duplicate and place urban design components for a more natural environment.

00:01:05,067 --> 00:01:11,078
You add objects such as traffic lights, fire hydrants and stop signs among others.

00:01:11,640 --> 00:01:17,938
You experiment with various duplication techniques to that end, using tools such as Array and Spacing Tool.

00:01:18,320 --> 00:01:26,650
Additionally, you learn about a free script that enables you to turn any piece of geometry into a standard 3ds Max primitive.

00:01:28,748 --> 00:01:34,645
This makes adding components to any scene a very intuitive and simple affair.

00:01:43,570 --> 00:01:50,577
Lastly, and in the third section, you learn how to create low-polygon buildings to populate the city blocks.

00:01:50,995 --> 00:01:56,193
Again, you learn about some of the hurdles you may encounter in that respect and how to overcome them.

00:01:56,553 --> 00:02:02,990
You learn about the importance of Real-World dimensions and mapping as it relates to architectural projects.

00:02:02,990 --> 00:02:08,670
In the process, you will use a bit of script and expression writing to help you with some tasks.

00:02:08,950 --> 00:02:16,816
Once you understand these concepts, you will be able to use a free script that helps you create low-polygon buildings quite easily and effortlessly.

00:02:17,170 --> 00:02:23,720
This free script called Building Maker is making its debut on this channel exclusively,

00:02:27,339 --> 00:02:30,596
so we hope you will like it.

00:02:47,640 --> 00:02:52,400
And so, without further delay, move on to the next movie to start the project.

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| 4 months ago
Building Maker cannot use in 3ds max 2020 ,how can i fix it ?
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