Modeling Facades in 3ds Max - Part 4 - Adding Depth

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  • 2011
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Modeling Facades in 3ds Max - Part 4 - Adding Depth

In this tutorial, learn how to add depth to your facade model. This is important when you start aligning buildings together, especially when they are slightly offset from one another.


  • Recorded in: 3ds Max 2011
  • This tutorial is intended for use with 3ds Max version 2011 or higher.


00:00:00 --> 00:00:05
As you add depth to the building, you simultaneously detail the roof.

00:00:06 --> 00:00:12
In Edge mode, set Loop Mode active and select an edge on the top
of the building. The whole loop gets selected.

00:00:13 --> 00:00:17
Shift+Move the top of the façade forward a little bit.

00:00:18 --> 00:00:23
Next, Shift+Move it up a bit until you can see the end
of the roofing tiles.

00:00:27 --> 00:00:33
In Border Mode, select any edge on the perimeter of the façade.
The whole perimeter gets selected.

00:00:33 --> 00:00:36
Shift+Move the selected edges back to create depth.

00:00:37 --> 00:00:40
Now that the building has depth, you can finish the roof.

00:00:41 --> 00:00:48
Select a roof's back edge towards the middle of the loop and use
the Grow tool until that whole loop is selected.

00:00:48 --> 00:00:54
Alternatively, you can simply use the CTRL key to manually select all edges.

00:00:55 --> 00:01:00
In the Front view, move the edges up until you see the peak of the roof.

00:01:03 --> 00:01:07
Moving these edges up actually gives you a slope to the roof.

00:01:08 --> 00:01:14
In vertex mode, start moving vertices down to match the bitmap of the roof.

00:01:25 --> 00:01:29
You will notice you are still missing some detail where you can still
see the sky in the bitmap.

00:01:30 --> 00:01:37
Use the SwiftLoop tool again to add detail where you need it,
and then adjust the vertices accordingly.

00:01:43 --> 00:01:46
Save your file when you are done.

00:01:48 --> 00:01:55
If you tried and render the scene, you will notice a good deal
of streaking on the faces that are perpendicular to the building texture.

00:01:56 --> 00:01:59
The next lesson shows how to correct that problem.
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