Intro to Maya: Lesson 10 - Finishing your rocket

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Last modification: 9 Sep, 2020
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40 min

Hungry for even more beginner content? Check out this full free Maya course on the AREA website:


In this lesson, we graduate to beginner-intermediate level material to put the finishing touches on our rocket scene. These include:

  • - Creating your own custom deformer (1:50)
  • - Grouping and re-timing animation into clips using the Time Editor (5:25)
  • - Creating control curves using the Node Editor (12:20)
  • - Setting up camera shots using the Camera Sequencer (18:40)
  • - Adding a cloud and smoke trail using Bifrost FX (29:50)

Some other videos referenced for further learning include:

The IBL used is courtesy of: Other files used:

Check out the whole series!

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