Motion Warp Tracking - Part 10 - Working Faster with UV Render Passes - Flame 2019.2

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Last modification: 26 Mar, 2019
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Level: Intermediate
Recorded in: Autodesk Flame 2019.2 Update

In the previous video on Motion Warp Tracking, we looked at the analysis and integration of Motion Vectors to track a logo to a t-shirt.

You would use these techniques for a variety of scenarios.

Now working with Motion Vectors is very powerful and extremely flexible, however the downside is that it is really processor intensive and the data sets can get quite big.

So in Part 10 on Motion Warp Tracking, you’ll learn how to use a different render pass known as "UVs" in order to perform very fast motion warp tracking.

UV passes are smaller and less intensive than Motion Vectors Data but they are also limited in certain ways concerning motion warp tracking.

We’ll cover all of that to help you choose when to use "UVs" or "Motion Vectors" for your next Motion Warp Tracking experience.


If you wish to follow along, you can download the 30-day Flame trial or if you are in education, you can Are you a student? Access it for free.

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