Beginner's Guide - Part 3 - The Flame User Interface

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Last modification: 26 Mar, 2019
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This video is part of the Beginners Guide Series to the Flame Family.

In part 3, you’ll learn all about the Flame interface and how its unique artist friendly nature enables one to work in a very intuitive and free way.

Being able to effortlessly move between the Desktop Editing Reels, the Timeline and the Batch Compositing gives the artist complete freedom to create and finish the project, using state of the art tools, to the highest standard.

For Compositors and VFX Artists having constant access to all the Project’s Media,the Desktop Reels and the Timeline is invaluable as one can organise the work and view the shots in the context of the sequence. The ability to retouch images, create comps, add VFX and motion graphics offers the Editors a newly found freedom to finish the project for the final delivery.


PLEASE NOTE: Media only available when attending training via an Autodesk Training Centre or Autodesk Recognised Educational institution.

Download the 30-day Flame trial or if you are in education, you can Are you a student? Access it for free. .

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