Using Colour Management up to Flame 2018.2 Update

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This very comprehensive 2 hours worth of training covers features and workflows which serve as a great add-on to the Colour Management Documentation in the Flame User-Guide.There are nine videos in total and a very wide range of information is covered. Part 1 - Introduces the new Flame Colour ManagementPart 2 - Colour Managing Imported MediaPart 3 - Viewports and Tagged MediaPart 4 - The Viewing RulesPart 5 - The Simple Scene Linear WorkflowPart 6 - ACES 1.0 Colour ManagementPart 7 - Colour Managed ExportingPart 8 - Legacy Colour ManagementPart 9 - Using Custom Views, Displays and Input TransformsFor More Information, Feedback and Comments:Autodesk Area #AutodeskFlame