The Art of RenderMan Volume 1

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Last modification: 5 Sep, 2019
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38 min

Visual effects artist Rusty Hazelden has released an in-depth 5 part RenderMan tutorial series on YouTube. The Art of RenderMan Volume 1 provides an introduction to Pixar's RenderMan for Maya.

Watch the RenderMan tutorial series today on the Rusty Hazelden YouTube Channel.



Get the project files now and give this tutorial a go!


Unlock the secrets of Pixar's RenderMan through a series of in-depth tutorials that focus on rendering an animation in Maya with photo-realistic materials and dramatic lighting.

For over 30 years RenderMan has been used in the film industry to render movies featuring groundbreaking visual effects and animation.

In this tutorial series, visual effects artist Rusty Hazelden takes an animated shot from start to finish, and reveals all the techniques used to create the final animation with Pixar's RenderMan for Maya.

No steps are left out and every detail is explained with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Topics include: adjusting Pixar surface material attributes to create the look of plastic, wood, and metal, applying texture maps to add more detail to surfaces, aging a shiny metal surface by adding a layer of tarnish, and using the RenderMan IPR to interactively develop materials and lighting in real-time.

Learn a wide range of lighting techniques that can be used to create a dramatic night time scene.

Discover how to enhance the realism of a shot by enabling depth of field and motion blur.

Explore the powerful Alembic workflow in RenderMan and find out how to assign materials to Alembic archives using the Dynamic Rules Editor.

Advanced topics include: using a light filter and light linking to control scene illumination, sharing 2D texture placement nodes to make shading networks simpler to maintain, fine-tuning the render settings, using the RenderMan denoiser to cut down on render time, and batch rendering the final animation.

Essential Topics

  • Render Settings
  • Max Samples
  • AOVs
  • Motion Blur
  • Depth of Field
  • RenderMan Denoiser
  • Local Queue
  • Batch Render
  • IPR Render
  • Viewport Render
  • Render View Test Resolution
  • RenderMan Preferences
  • RenderMan Shelf
  • Texture Mapping
  • RenderMan .tex Files
  • PxrSurface Node
  • Diffuse Lobe
  • Primary Specular Lobe
  • Specular Fresnel Modes
  • Extinction Coefficient
  • Edge Color
  • Dielectric vs. Metallic Materials
  • Roughness
  • Bump Mapping
  • PxrBump Node
  • Place2dTexture Node
  • Hypershade Editor
  • PxrRodLightFilter Node
  • PxrRectLight Node
  • PxrMeshLight Node
  • PxrDomeLight Node
  • Image Based Lighting
  • Object-Centric Light Linking
  • Color Temperature
  • Alembic Archive
  • Alembic GpuCache Node
  • Dynamic Rules Editor

About Rusty

Rusty Hazelden is a visual effects artist with a passion for movies. He makes videos on YouTube about movie visual effects techniques using Maya, RenderMan, and V-Ray.

For more information about the tutorial series, check out his YouTube channel and website.














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  • Shaders
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  • Lighting and Rendering
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| 3 months ago
this files provided in this tutorial does not contain full assets. the tutorial should always be made with all the assets used in it for students to make exactly as it it.
| 3 months ago
Hi Junaid. The project files that accompany this YouTube video tutorial are available on Gumroad. The project files include all of the 3D models (.ma, .abc) and texture maps (.tex) assets used to render this scene with RenderMan for Maya. Regards, Rusty Hazelden
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