The Image Toolset - Part 11 - 3D Selective - Using Primitives with 3D AOVs - Flame 2020.2

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19 min

Level: Intermediate
Recorded in: Autodesk Flame 2020.2 Update
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In parts 5,6 and 8 of the Image Toolset series, we looked at the 3D AOV capability where you could produce a selective matte for your image based on supplied 3D information.

So you could create isolation mattes based on the z-depth of the image, the normals of a 3D object as well as the movement of an image based on motion vectors.

In part 11 of the series, you’ll learn about a new tool to refine your 3D AOVs known as “Primitives”.

This allows you to constrain the effect of a 3D AOV by placing virtual 3D objects in 3D space.

If you wish to follow along, you can download the 30-day Flame trial or if you are in education, you can sign up for a free 3-year license.

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