Valuable Assets: 3ds Max Asset Library and Creative Market

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Every Max user knows that creating professional-looking 3D scenes takes a lot of work. Modeling, texturing, animating, rendering: each part of the process demands a considerable number of hours to accomplish. But sometimes there just isn't enough time—and that's why the Locations panel of the 3ds Max Asset Library includes direct access to an incredible timesaver: Creative Market.

Think you can finish this up in time for your daughter’s recital? Think again. (Courtesy of Graphics834)

Creative Market is an online shopping mart for digital design content producers. With a vast collection of products such as templates, graphics, fonts, and program add-ons, it’s a valuable resource for designers and other creative professionals, especially those on a tight deadline.

3D artists aren’t forgotten, with the site offering a wealth of high-quality 3D objects and materials available for purchase at competitive prices. And thanks to Creative Market’s recent integration with Asset Library, all of these products can now be browsed directly in-app. While logged in, simply click on your Accounts button and select External Stores to connect your Autodesk account to Creative Market.

Connect Creative Market to Asset Library for instant access to professional-grade models.

?You can search by keyword to view an amazing selection of buildings, animals, furniture, vehicles, weapons, and more. Textures and environments are also available, as well as completely-rigged, animated creatures and characters.

Leave the late nights to the vampiresthis critter comes already animated. (Courtesy of NoneCG)

You can access Creative Market right alongside Seek and your own libraries. Downloaded assets can be dragged straight into Max using the same powerful options for adding and placing objects, including the new Object Paint tool.

All products on Creative Market are licensed for commercial use under scalable Standard and Extended terms to suit the needs of your particular project. New assets are being added all the time so don’t forget to check back.

Easier rider: fully-rigged and ready to go. (Courtesy of SQUIR)

While you’re on the web, you should also remember to stop by Besides having over 16,750 shops full of content to browse, there are a ton of articles and how-to guides, as well as design tips and tricks. You can also connect to an active community of artists and designers to further expanding your professional network. Or you can even open your own shop and start making money out of your own digital creations!

About 3ds Max Asset Library

3ds Max Asset Library is a free standalone application for browsing and organizing libraries and assets. Using Asset Library, you can quickly access your material from any added location and then drag and drop files directly into a scene.

About Creative Market

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world.

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  • 2017
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