Discover the Power of Real-time 3D

Visualize environments, build interactive virtual experiences, see characters and assets in context, and connect customers and teams in a streamlined, collaborative workflow. All in real-time.

Autodesk and Unity Partnership

What if you could make your 3D designs interactive, show iterations in context in real-time, and collaborate with team members and customers anywhere in the world?

With the Unity + Autodesk partnership, you can plug Autodesk 3ds Max or Maya directly into the Unity engine to render beautiful, real-time content. Place your models, environments, and assets into interactive scenes, AR/VR worlds, game levels, mobile apps, and so much more.

Explore our partnership with Unity, and see how easily you can eliminate platform-switching friction, increase workflow efficiency, and make collaboration effortless.

  • Games

    Make changes to game assets in Maya, and immediately see how they appear in-game. (Image courtesy of Daniela Maiorana)
  • Film & TV

    Boost studio productivity–with real-time filmmaking, teams can work together simultaneously and collaboratively. (Image courtesy of Michael Robson)
  • AR/VR

    Quickly assemble augmented and virtual experiences in any format—and for nearly any VR device. (Image courtesy of Vipin .A)
  • Architecture

    Build life-like VR models of buildings and sites, with realistic walk throughs of interior and exterior spaces. (Image courtesy of Gareth Morgan)
  • Interior Design

    Make real-time decisions throughout the design process, and provide true-to-life experiences for your clients. (Image courtesy of Tomorrow AB)

Remove unnecessary steps between creating characters and assets and seeing them in-context. With slick back and forth interop, changes in Maya are reflected in Unity right away – letting you iterate quickly to see what works best and bring your creative vision to life.

Unity and 3ds Max provide a seamless round-tripping workflow that allows you to embellish your vision and tell your story. Detailed lighting, reflection, textures and materials power your designs, and provide your clients the experience they envision in 3D.

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